Online giving is a convenient and secure way to facilitate your donations to Calvary Chapel of Santa Barbara (CCSB). However, we ask that you carefully read this entire page before making a donation.

Currently we have three parallel systems active as we transition recurring donors to our new system.

All systems are bank-level PCI-compliant secure connections. We do not retain any sensitive account information (credit card numbers, bank account numbers, etc.) on our CCSB website or at the church office. We do however keep the records necessary to properly receipt your contributions, and we do not share this information with anyone else.

Please contact us if you wish to make a donation to a ministry not listed within our portal.

Are you using Safari on a Mac and getting a cookie error?
If so, you'll have to go here to donate.

Having problems initiating your transaction? Please call the church office at (805) 730-1400 and ask for help.


Many of our donors are concerned that CCSB is paying fees to receive donations via credit card. (Well, those airline miles have to be funded by someone!) Our fee structure looks like this:

  • Credit/debit cards: 2.3% + $0.30 per transaction.
  • ACH (bank transfer): $0.25 per transfer. $1 fee for a failed transfer. (Cheap!)

Still, donors find the convenience and security of online giving to outweigh traditional means of donating, and they are happy to adjust their donations to pay the fees also. Should you want to absorb the fees you can gross-up your donation using the following formula: (Net Donation + Transaction Fee) / (1-Rate) = Gross Donation

Credit Card Donation Gross-up Example
A $100 credit card donation would be calculated: ($100 + $0.30) / (1-.023) = 100.30 / .977 = $102.66

Are you making a large donation? We would obviously prefer that you use the means (ACH bank transfer) that generate the least amount of fees. Please call us if you have more questions about fees.

Control of funds policy

We make every effort to honor a donor's designation whenever the designation is in line with the church’s ministry purpose. However, CCSB has exclusive control and discretion as to the use of all contributions, and we are not bound to honor the recommendations of the donors nor will donors be able to recover a contribution because we failed to honor the donor’s designation. This policy is required in order to make your contributions tax deductible. Do you have concerns about this policy? Please call us and discuss your proposed contribution before making it.

Use caution

First, ensure that on the donation page you see the padlock symbol in your web browser up near the web address and/or see the web address begin with https://, not merely http:// (that s is extremely important). This will ensure that you are on a page utilizing SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. Never give private information to a website that is not secure! Our website embeds a secure donation interface, but you will not see HTTPS in the browser address. If you wish to see HTTPS in the browser while making your donation click here to be taken directly to the secure giving page.

Next, please do not donate by credit card if your are carrying a balance and paying finance charges. Please give by other means, such as online directly from your checking account, or by using a traditional check or cash. The poor widow gave out of her poverty, but she did not enter into debt (Mark 12:41-44; Luke 21:1-4). Is the Lord showing you that you need help in this area? Call us and ask to speak to one of the pastors.


Also, we are required by law to receipt every individual contribution over $250 for your tax records. We do so in the month of January for all of your donations given in the prior calendar year. However, we do keep a record of all donations, no matter the amount. We will automatically send you an annual donation statement if your cumulative donations were $250 or more for the calendar year.

Missing your annual contribution receipt? Did you give less than $250 annually? Are you using checks with an old address? Call the church office and ask for help. We'll be happy to email you a PDF copy.

Finally, what if you are giving cash? Tax-wise this is the worst way to donate. The burden of proof to the IRS is more difficult and CCSB is the only party that can validate your donation. You must, must, must specifically identify your donation! Please place it into a sealed envelope marked with your name and address and drop it into the offering bag or use the locked offering box at the center-rear entrance of the sanctuary.

However, if you value your tax deduction for charitable gifts we strongly encourage you to use a check or donate online. We enter over 250+ donation transactions per week into our donor database (that's 13,000 potential errors waiting to happen annually), and should there be an error we can quickly resolve it with a check image we keep on file (or from your bank) or the online record of donation.

Video Tutorials

Making your first donation:

How to manage your donor account:

Thank you for supporting our ministries!

"Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that abounds to your account." -Philippians 4:17 (NKJV)

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