Christian Outdoor Youth Leadership (COYL) uses the outdoors to develop youth into Christian leaders.


Christian – Because first and foremost we are Christians. Before we are adventurers or athletes or students or employees or bosses, we are Christ-ians. Mini-christs, followers of Jesus Christ. As followers of Jesus Christ we seek to disciple and make more Christians.

 Outdoor – Because we believe that the outdoors can be the best classroom for which God can use to shape and mold us into followers of Him. Jesus Himself taught more than half of His teachings outside. Great men and women of the faith have been taught in the wilderness only to emerge changed people. Moses was a man who was only allowed to become such a great leader because he first had to spend 40 years in the wilderness of God’s classroom.

 Youth – Because they are the future. In an ever changing, busier, more complicated world, the youth of today, soon to become tomorrow’s adults, need to be reached more than ever.

 Leadership – Because this is a generation that follows followers. We believe that God wants to use us to raise up a generation of Christian Leaders. By equipping them with Biblical Leadership Principles as the reference and leveraging the experiences of Moses, Daniel, Esther, David, Mary and many more to reinforce and draw out those principles.


Equipping and raising a new generation of Christian leaders grounded in Biblical leadership through challenging outdoor experiences.



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