Cherie Welsh


Ministry: Church Plant: New Life Calvary Chapel - Galway, Ireland

Location: Galway, Ireland

Info: The city of Galway, is located on the west coast of Ireland, and home to 90,000 people, one-third of whom are students.  A very multicultural city, it is exciting and interesting to meet people from all walks of life, but who do not know Jesus.  Secularism is on the rise and it is hard ground to till.  The Irish are friendly and kind, but have strong boundaries on relationships that have to be overcome to win the right to share Jesus on a soul-deep level.  Persistence and prayer are much needed disciplines as they work to plant a church in the city.

About: God put a love for Ireland in Cherie's heart in 2002, on her first mission trip to Ireland, but it was in 2013, that He called her to consider full-time missions work.  Pulling away from a career was scary, and the downsizing process to be ready was hard, but Cherie has found great joy in obeying His call, especially in Galway.  It's never too late to obey the call to serve our God who is full of such amazing love!


• Irish hearts to be soft & open to relationships & Jesus' love & redemption

• More workers for the Lord in Ireland, especially nationals

• She would stay deep in God's Word & filled with the Holy Spirit

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