Max Pinkerton


Ministry: Intern at Grace Christian Fellowship, Teacher at Grace Christian International School

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Info: Ome is in the western part of the Tokyo prefecture.  Max serves at Grace Christian International School, an American school located within Grace Christian Fellowship, a church in the area.  The church is has several different nationalities within the body.  Max also translates the Sunday message into Spanish and helps the Spanish speakers at the church feel welcome.

About: From a young age, Max has always beeen interested in Japan.  As a teenager, he visited for two weeks and felt that he was meant to come back.  14 years later, God put Japan on his heart again in order to serve and minister to the Japanese people.  He prayed that God would one day send him to Japan.  After visiting the McBades in Ome, in 2014, Max felt it was the place for him to serve as a missionary.


• Continue to progress in learning Japanese

• He would know how to serve best where God has him

• Learn more about who God is every day

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