Robert & Mari Pecoraro


Ministry: Calvary Chapel Turku & Helsinki - Finland

Location: Turku & Helsinki, Finland

Info: Due to such pervasive liberalism, in both the church and secular arena, Finland is in desperate need of simple line upon line Bible teaching and Biblical evangelism. The teaching of the whole council of God is almost nonexistent throughout all other denominational or non-denominational churches in Finland. For this reason Calvary Chapel Turku and Helsinki can serve as a beacon of light calling ministries and ministers, saved and lost, to the Word of God and the power or the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

About: While in Bible College, Robert met his wife, Mari, and received God's call into the ministry. Since December 2004, Robert & Mari have been privileged to be used by God to teach His word and spread the good news of His Son in Finland.

Children: Russel, Grace


• Word of God would be magnified in them & in Finland (Psalm 138:2)

• Lord to give them passion, boldness & love to preach the Gospel (1 Thess 2:8)

• Protection, provision & strength (Ruth 2:12)

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