Welcome to the family of Christ!

We are so glad that you've made a decision to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.  Our desire as a church is to come alongside you as you grow in your relationship with Jesus. As someone new to the Christian faith, it's normal to have questions.  Exploring these questions will strengthen your faith and develop your understanding of God as described in the Bible.  This page is designed to help you with some resources and point you to places you can find answers and grow spiritually. Below are some resources that you might find helpful as you begin this new exciting stage of your life. 


We encourage everyone who has recently become a Christian to take part in our 6-week "Start to Follow" course. In this discipleship class we explore some of the basics of the Bible and learn to follow after Jesus. Jesus described the transformation a person experiences when they come to faith as being "born again," because of all the new things that happen when a person becomes a Christian. Being a Christian doesn't just mean going to church on Sundays. The Bible tells us many ways that we ought to live as a follower of Jesus. 

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Below are five videos of to encourage you in your spiritual growth. Each one is will help root you in Jesus in a deeper way.

This video teaching encourages you in a key element of Christianity: discipleship.  Discipleship is a way of growing in your Christian life by learning from another Christian further along in the faith.

The Bible is an essential component of the Christian life, because it is the Word of God.  In this video, you'll learn the importance of the Bible and how to use it effectively in your life.

This teaching focuses on the nuts and bolts of learning how to pray effectively.  Prayer is the lifeline of every believer to God. This video teaching will help you to learn to pray in a way pleasing to God.

This video teaching helps you to understand why worshiping the Lord through music and song is so important to your Christian life.

The community believers have together in Jesus is critical to the development of every believer. No Christian grows in isolation. Find out why it is important that we join together in Christian fellowship.

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