Jay Carty

Jay Carty Memorial Service   |  May 14, 2017  |  Jay Carty

A celebration of an extraordinary life. Jay Carty was a man and minister of God. Join us in celebration of his life.

Jesus & A Blind Man   |  February 19, 2017  |  Jay Carty

Jay Carty shares a compelling story about Jesus and a blind man.

Witnessing   |  December 11, 2016  |  Jay Carty

"It's not our job to save anyone. Our job is to tell the story, it's the Lord that does the saving." What an encouraging word from Jay Carty.

Time & Trust   |  October 23, 2016  |  Jay Carty

For most things that happen to us in our life. Time and Trust can make it worth it. Jay Carty shares a story of how God transformed his cancer to where he now looks back on it and says, "cancer? yeah, it was worth it."

In Response To Anger and Fear   |  September 25, 2016  |  Jay Carty

When a spontaneous situation with anger or fear happens to you. Your response to it is a pretty good test of where you are in your relationship with the Lord. Jay Carty encourages you to give God more time to chip off your rough edges.

Mercy, Grace & Justice   |  August 21, 2016  |  Jay Carty

Jay Carty shares a story from his basketball days that gives great insight on the differences between grace, mercy and justice.


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