Gospel of John - God the Son - The Glory of Jesus

Glory's Restoration John 21:15-25  |  December 6, 2015  |  David Guzik

Some time after Peter's public denial of Jesus, the Resurrected Jesus publically restored Peter, challenging him to feed and care for Jesus's sheep and to follow Him.

Breakfast at the Beach John 21:1-14  |  November 29, 2015  |  Keith Fortenberry

Pastor Keith Fortenberry takes and examines Jesus' interaction with the desciples after His resurrection.

Glory Believed John 20:19-31  |  November 22, 2015  |  David Guzik

On Sunday evening of the discovery of Jesus' resurrection, He appeared to 10 disciples brining them assurance, peace, a mission, the Holy Spirit & a message of forgiveness of sins.  A week later unbelieving Thomas also saw the resurrected Jesus & believed

Resurrection Glory John 20:1-18  |  November 15, 2015  |  David Guzik

The resurrection of Jesus is discovered, first as two disciples examine the empty tomb, then as the Risen Jesus reveals Himself to Mary Magdalene.

Glory Buried John 19:31-42  |  November 1, 2015  |  David Guzik

After Jesus gave up His spirit and died on the cross, His body remained lifeless for some time. His death was confirmed, and then two unlikely men buried him with care.

Glory Crucified John 19:17-30   |  October 18, 2015  |  David Guzik

John tells the story as an eyewitness with no attempt to manipulate:  Jesus died on the cross and fulfilled the will and work of God.

Glory Mocked and Condemned John 19:1-16  |  October 11, 2015  |  David Guzik

As Jesus stood on trial before Pilate, the Roman governor understood he dealt with more than a man; yet he had Jesus beaten, tortured, and mocked - until he finally sent Jesus to the cross.

Glory on Trial John 18:19-40  |  October 4, 2015  |  David Guzik

Jesus was put on trial before both Jewish and Roman leaders. Each in their own way recognized His innocence; each pushed Him to the cross.

Glory Under Arrest John 18:1-18  |  September 27, 2015  |  David Guzik

Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane with His disciples, knowing He would be arrested. He protected His disciples but went with the officers, and began His trial before the high priest, even as Peter denied Him.


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