CrossCurrent Fall Term


Begins September 17th

CrossCurrent Fall Term is designed to impact the next generation with a biblical worldview so that our children and youth can stand against the 'currents' of this world.  Fall term begins Sunday, Sign-up your student at today!

Elementary - Biblical Finances for Elementary Students

 Students in 4th - 6th grade will learn about finances using the curriculum, “The Secret of Handling Money God’s Way."  This Bible-based curriculum uses an interesting story and fun activities to teach kids the basics about money.  “The Secret of Handling Money God’s Way” features the adventures of four children as they try to save enough money for baseball camp.  As they find out how to earn, save, give, and spend money, they also learn some important things about God.

Jr. High & High School - In the Last Days - A Study in 2 Peter

Many people have questions about what the future holds - when will Christ return, what will be the signs of His coming, what will happen to believers, and what will be the conclusion of history are all questions that many believers ask. God’s Word is full of prophecy about the last days and this curriculum from Precept Ministries is designed to help find answers. This course will guide students in the study of Scripture - specifically 2 Peter - to answer students’ questions about the last days in a very exciting way.

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