Father-Daughter Campout


May 26-27

Come and join us for our Father/Daughter Camp out May 26 at ROC Ranch (1160 North San Marcos Road). Please bring your camping gear and whatever you need to make your camp out a success. Questions call or text Scott @ 805-570-4588.



To get to 1160 North San Marcos Road.  Get off at Turnpike and go towards the mountains.  Turn left on Cathedral Oaks.  Turn right on Old San Marcos Road (It's the first stop light that you come to.) On San Marcos Road, go through the stop sign and after the bridge go straight instead of heading left up the hill.  (Follow the white 1160 signs) Turn right at the mailboxes and go through the creek crossing.  Turn left at the gate.  Follow the road and then take a right after you see a green house.  Do not go over the bridge but turn right and follow the road until you see us in the horse corral.  You've arrived congratulations!!!


Packing List:

1. Tent, sleeping bags, pillows
2. Warm clothes, Bathing suits, towel, sunscreen
3. Chairs if you have them. 
4. Flashlights
5. Toiletries
6. Anything else your daughter(s) need to have a successful time camping

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