Ministry: City Light Hamburg, a Calvary Church Plant in Hamburg, Germany

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Info: Hamburg, is a port city, and is considered the second largest city in Germany, as well as the ninth largest city in Europe. It has a population of approximately 1.8 million people, and it's nickname is "The Gateway to the World". That is why CityLight's ministry concentrates on equipping and discipling people to reach others around them so that Hamburg, Germany, and the world will hear the Gospel.

About: In January of 2013, God showed Janos & Anja that they were called to Hamburg, Germany. After making the decision to move there, God has confirmed this calling to them both many times. The Hench family knows that if they decided to not answer this call from God, they would not be able to fully experience the deeper relationship God has called them to have with Him. This is why in November of 2013, they, along with their two daughters, made the move from Siegen to Hamburg, Germany, and will assist the Roper family in planting a church called CityLight Hamburg.

Children: Glorie, Ella & Jesaja


• Them to be a light in Hamburg

• To make disciples

• For more churches to be planted in Northern Germany