Ministry: Schloss Heroldeck (Calvary Chapel Retreat Center in Millstatt, Austria)

Location: Millstatt, Austria

Info: Nick and Sue have been asked to take over the leadership of Schloss Heroldeck (a Calvary Chapel Retreat Center in Millstatt, Austria).  Once there, they hope to finish a lifelong dream and establish a school of discipleship/evangelism and music ministry.  For them, this would be an even wider open door to minister to Europe effectively.

About: After a short tour to Germany in 1984, it was clear that God was calling them back.  They could not do anything else but go back year after year, and go through those God appointed doors where the truth was being received effectively.  Those doors would eventually lead to them planting the first Calvary Chapel in Western Europe (Calvary Chapel Siegen) four years later, in 1988.


• Holy Spirit to lead them: wisdom, discernment & leading

• God to provide them with a solid support team for prayer & finances

• Health & travel mercies