tobias & lucivania sänger


Ministry: Church Plant in Cologne, Germany

Location: Cologne, Germany

Info: The Sänger family is located in the city center of Cologne, which is the fourth biggest city in Germany with 1,000,000 inhabitants. Cologne is the capital of experimentalism and tolerance, a media and arts capital with a high percentage of nominal Catholicism and immigrants. The Sänger family moved to Cologne to plant a church in 2012, and they hope this church will then become a base to plant more churches throughout the city.

About: God used a friend along with a series of events to confirm the direction He wanted Tobias and Lucivania to take.  Some main areas God used in this process were the people they met, the encouragement and support received from CC Siegen (their sending church) and learning the core values of planting a church.

Children: Talita, Sophie


• Their church rooms to be used for God's kingdom & glory

• The church body to grow deeper in their love & knowledge of the Gospel

• More people to become Christians