Ministry: Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru)

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Info: Effective Leaders, Growing People & Healthy Teams to Bring Jesus to the Nations - this is what the Beyars' are all about as they serve/oversee Cru ministry in over 20 countries located throughout Eastern Europe and Russia.  The Beyar family is stationed in Budapest, but work with the leaders in these nations by bringing them relevant training and leadership development to increase ministry fruitfulness.

About: In 1990, just 6 months after the Berlin wall fell, Keith & Lori went on a mission trip to Prague, Czechoslovakia, as college students. During that summer they met people who had never talked or even heard the name of Jesus. It was at this point that their hearts were struck and they knew they had to go where people had never heard of Christ.

Children: Emma, Joel & Nadya


• 50,000 disciples they are trusting God to provide by 2020

• God would raise up leaders in 8 countries that don't have spiritual movements & for the Gospel to spread in these countries

• Healthy teams in the nations they work in