The Livingroom


The Livingroom is the Jr. High ministry here at Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara. We exist to bring youth into a closer relationship with the Lord. God is not just some killjoy somewhere up there, wanting to take away all your fun. God is the creator of fun and so we do a lot of it. So if you think that church is boring and irrelevant, then get ready to have your brain rocked. We are called the “Livingroom” because God dwells in the Livingroom of your heart. Also, Jesus says in John 14:2 that in His Father’s house, there are many rooms or dwelling places and He is going there to prepare a place for you. God desires for you to know Him personally. So put on your seatbelt, get a grip, and be ready for the ride of your life.

Staff: Here at the Livingroom we have plenty of awesome staff ready to encourage you in your relationship with Jesus and we are super blessed to have Camron Baker leading the way.  Many of us having found the Lord ourselves as youth, are here to help you survive Jr. High by encouraging you to make Jesus Christ your closest friend. We would love to hang out with you.

So come join us some time and see who we are. If we look like we're out of our minds, it’s because we probably are. For us, Jr. High is the best age group on this planet.

Email Camron or call 805-450-1739 for more information about the Livingroom

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